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Movie Reviews: Wreck it Ralph

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So I finally got to see Wreck it Ralph (damn you UK release dates!) and I have to say... it was awesome. (It's possible that this review is not going to be entirely balanced...) Seriously though I really loved this film.

I think my favourite part of this film was the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope. I always love it when stories focus on platonic relationships and this was no exception. I thought the parallels between the way the two are treated by their 'co-workers worked really well, and it was great to watch Ralph learn to use his destructive talents for good.

The romance subplot between Felix Jr and Calhoun was absolutely adoraable and I also found their characters individually to be really interesting. It would have been so easy to make Felix into the Jerk 'popular hero' or Calhoun into a one note 'Strong Female Character' and it was great that these two managed to surpass these roles.

The animation was of course fantastic, I especially liked the environment design, the thought that went into these charcters that exist in such differnet worlds but coexist harmoniously as all parts of the same design though I have to admit at first its a little jaring to see Felix next to Calhoun.

One of the fun things about Wreck it Ralph though was all the little gaming injokes. Like the code King Candy uses to get into the network and the way the characters moved as they would in their actual games. (As a sidenote, the funniest parts if the film have to be the oreo guards, and the ptsd space marine)

The only real problem I had with the film was that the side characters motivations for being so mean to Ralph  didn't really seem solid enough? You also have to wonder why it took Ralph so long to try and do something about his situation. I guess some people might also be disappointed with how small a part the licensed characters have? Especially since the marketing emphasised their roles so much?

However they are really, really minor quibbles with a great movie and I would definately see this again.

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