Friday, 22 March 2013

First Year Animation

Just posting a few of my older animations from last year, interesting to see how much I've improved


 This was the first piece of animation I did after learning the principles. I think its quite good but there definitely needs to be more variation on the timing, at the minute its a bit monotonous.

Maya cycles

walk, run and action cycles in maya

first 2d walk/run cycles.

2D cut out title sequence

Brief was to create a title sequence for a childrens tv program using cut-out animation in Toon Boom Harmony. The cycles were to test using the symbols and keyframes in Toon Boom.

Maya sequence.

I think the first part of this is quite good but the walk/run definitely needs more work.


One of the exercises I did when I was learning the 12 principles.

First long sequence in maya, using Andy rig from creative crash, I quite like the rise from the chair a the beginning but the run cycle in the end needs so much work.

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